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About Us

JH Adventures is about transforming communities, one family at a time.

Big Top tent at the JH Ranch with stunning landscape around it.
Father and son smiling on a ropes course.

Continuing the Legacy

We provide facilities and programs for leadership development which teach and model the great commandment through the challenges of practical application.

To date we have impacted over 100,000 families at our Legacy Properties.

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Entrance of the JH Ranch with red wagon and mountain in the background.
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Experience an undistracted environment in Northern California full of fun, adventure, and personal growth.
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Scott River Lodge, located on the Scott River.
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Strengthen and enrich your marriage at our luxury mountain retreat while enjoying gourmet dining, authentic fellowship, and adventure activities.
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Multiplying through
JH Outback

At JH, we equip leaders and families to bring the JH experience and content to their local city through weekend events.

Right now we are in close to 20 cities nationally and 10 regions globally and have impacted over 60,000 lives since 1996.

Map with all the JH Outback cities.

explore our JH outback locations

Beautiful landscapes at a JH Outback event
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JH Outback is focused on helping families grow closer. Spend a fun-filled weekend together in an undistracted environment while enjoying outdoor activities, great music, hilarious skits, and excellent content.
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Smiling college girls holding JH Adventure flags
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JH Outback University is a life-changing weekend that allows college students to get away from the busyness of life to evaluate what truly matters.
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White water-rafting at JH Outback New Zealand
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JH Outback International is taking the Outback experience to the world. Since 2008, we have been receiving invitations to bring what God has given us to other countries.
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JH Israel National Leadership Center
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The National Leadership Center is an experiential outdoor learning environment on 142 acres in Ariel, Israel endorsed by Israeli Ministry of Education and Israel Defense Forces. Through it, we aim to bring Israeli youth back to their biblical roots and heritage.
Over 85,000 young people have been served since 2010.

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Student on T2 Mountain trip looking at Mt Shasta

Expanding our reach.

We make our JH content available to families we are not able to reach through our programs.

Our content has been viewed all over the globe by more than 200,000 people.

Dr. Charles Swindoll headshot
Dr. Charles Swindoll
"The discoveries you and your family make will leave you encouraged and refreshed, with a renewed sense of purpose. It’s excellent! When you go, tell ‘em Chuck sent you."
Josh McDowell headshot
Josh McDowell
"For over 40 years Bruce Johnston has been teaching and directing one of the most successful parent/teen leadership programs in the nation. Our own daughter was transformed as a result of all she learned. Parents, the windows of opportunities with our children come and go. Believe me, this is one you don’t want to miss."